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Another Fortnight, Another Paper

Well, we did it. Again.

Despite spending much of the last fortnight tinkering with this new digital dingbat, somehow we put together another issue of the Gazette, and got it printed, distributed, and mailed. The new banner just above, bearing today’s date, should squelch any doubters.

local mapThanks once again to our mostly-volunteer writers, our volunteer proofreaders, mailing crew, and downtown distribution gang, and our one paid distribution guy, over the course of the next two weeks somewhere between ten and fifteen thousand people — perhaps as many as twenty thousand — living in or passing through the area shown in this map will be reading our paper.

All kinds of fascinating events are taking place right now which merit discussion. We suspect there always are when a corrupt empire is collapsing. They’ll keep.

We’re going back out into the analog world, to tend to our final fortnightly chores.

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