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It’s (Almost) Baa … aack

Friday, October 30, 2009 — We have been planning something special for Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11.

“What better way to show respect and gratitude to those who have served in our armed forces,” we thought, “than by heaping scorn and ridicule on those who did not?”

ChickenHawks_Logo2That’s right, folks — the one, the only, the Original New Hampshire Gazette Chickenhawk Database is coming back! And, this being America, it will be bigger and better than ever.

To make sure it’s up and running right on the big day, we’re planning to throw the switch several days before the 11th; perhaps some time next week.

Please don’t bombard us with requests, suggestions, or nominations — not yet. There will be plenty of time for that once it’s up and running.

But do look around your local landscape. No need to kick any asses — but do take names. Make a list of chickenhawks who have so far escaped the nation’s attention. And when you write down a name on that list, find a birthdate to go with it.

Also, sadly, we’ve lost touch with the person who designed the lovely logo shown above. That was several computers ago, and it’s a tough digital life. If its creator should happen to discover this post, would you please get in touch? We’d like to give you credit, and we suspect you’ve got a more pristine version of the file somewhere.

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