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Winter is Coming

Thursday, October 27, 2011 — Winter is coming. This will make the Occupations — which can now be declared a success — more difficult to sustain.

We believe the current physical Occupations can and should be transformed into an unprecedented free media space, uninfluenced by and impervious to corporate power, and covering the entire nation.

Properly done this plan would not only extend the presence of the Occupation everywhere, but would give the people of each district a powerful tool to dislodge Members of Congress who do not serve them.

There are about 100 million households in the U.S, and 435 Congressional Districts. Each district therefore averages about 230,000 households.

With volunteers doing the distribution, we could put a copy of a free, 8 page fortnightly newspaper in every household of a given district at a cost of about two cents per household ($4,600).

The Occupations have shown, in a manner no one would have believed possible a few months ago, that the 99% of this nation can do remarkable things. The only remarkable thing this new media space would require is the organization of volunteer distribution networks.

Compared to what has been accomplished already, that is a negligible challenge.

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