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Let’s Have Fun With Newspapers

fireworksFriday, July 4, 2014 — It’s Independence Day.

On this, the 238th Anniversary of the birth of our Nation, as pseudo-bombs burst in air, as Jimi Hendrix slyly slips “Taps” into the National Anthem [between 2:40 and 2:50 in the Youtube video linked above], and as citizens prepare for tomorrow’s NH Rebellion walk up the Seacoast, let’s have fun with newspapers!

We want to broaden the distribution of our newspaper. To begin, we issue this call for volunteers: people who regularly commute from here in Portsmouth to places like Concord and Manchester, willing to bring with them, every other Friday, one or two bundles of Gazettes.

Since the Gazette is quite svelte, as newspapers go, each bundle only weighs about five pounds. Yet, properly distributed, each bundle can reach two hundred readers, or more — at a cost of about 2.5 cents each.

Our government does the bidding of an unelected minority of plutocrats. Yet our alleged free press — which for the most part belongs to that same group — reports the news as if this were not the case. We are not so constrained. We can’t say what good it might do if our readership were much broader, but we want to find out.

If you live in Portsmouth, or regularly pass through it on Fridays, and would like to have fun with newspapers, please leave a comment below.

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