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The New Hampshire Gazette
 Volume 263, No. 3, October 26, 2018

Gazette Front Page
October 26, 2018 —
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The Republicans face a real challenge in the upcoming mid-term election. Between Trump in the White House and all the miscellaneous shenanigans in Congress, Democrats are itching to vote.

To motivate their team, Fox News, aka the Ministry of Misinformation, has the Fear Dial cranked up to 12. It’s a bold strategy—given the age of the audience, they risk putting more voters in the ICU than the voting booths.

With all the oligarch-funded think tanks the Republicans have on retainer, though, there’s always some new scheme to try out.

The F-35 has finally started earning its keep in Afghanistan. We take a look at its cost-effectiveness.

We also take a look at the Administration’s plans to destroy the Post Office — a topic to which we should all pay more attention.

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