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Chickenhawk Hall of Shame

When an American male (or an especially belligerent female) makes the challenging transition from late adolescence into early adulthood, he is faced with many decisions. One certain, specific combination of choices will result in his becoming a chickenhawk: choosing to “support” war, while also choosing not to serve in the military. His motto becomes: “Let’s you and him go fight; I’ll hold your coat.”

Depending on external circumstances, such an individual may become one of three varieties of chickenhawk:
• If there is no draft, and the nation is at peace, the individual becomes a Common Chickenhawk;
• If there is a draft, and the nation is at peace, the individual becomes a Chickenhawk First Class;
• If the there is a draft, and the nation is at war, the individual becomes a Chickenhawk First Class with Distinguished Fleeing Cross.

We currently have 154 Chickenhawks listed in our database. Here they are, listed chronologically by date of birth. Click here to see them listed alphabetically.


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John M. Olin  
John Edgar Hoover  
Walter Winchell  
Clyde Anderson Tolson  
William "Bill" Loeb III  
John "Duke" Wayne  
John P.H. "Pecker Head" Chandler  
Meldrim "Mel" Thomson  
Willard Cleon Skousen  
Francis Albert "Frank" Sinatra  
Paul Harvey  
William Franklin "Billy" Graham  
Roscoe Bartlett  
Roy Cohn  
Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson  
Melvin Floyd "Mel" Sembler  
Gerald Posner Carmen  
Jim Finnegan  
Donn Tibbetts  
Alan Kooi Simpson  
James Paul David "Jim" Bunning  
Jerry Lamon Falwell  
Richard Craig Shelby  
Pat Boone  
Charles De Ganahl Koch  
Antonin Gregory Scalia  
Robert Leroy Bartley  
Jon Vincent Voight  
David Koch  
Roger Ailes  
Richard Keith "Dick" Armey  
Lamar Alexander  
Ted Olson  
Richard Bruce "Still Dick" Cheney  
George Frederick Will  
Michael Arthur Ledeen  
Richard Norman Perle  
Chester Trent Lott, Sr.  
Dennis Hastert  
Joseph Isidore "Joe" Lieberman  
Michael Alan "Michael Savage" Weiner  
Jon Llewellyn Kyle  
John Ashcroft  
William Phillip "Phil" Gramm  
Fred Thompson  
Lee Greenwood  
Charles Gwynne "Chuck" Douglas III  
Richard B. Berman  
John Luigi Mica  
Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich  
Brit Hume  
William Bennett  
Clarence Saxby Chambliss  
Robert Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.  
Paul Dundes Wolfowitz  
Ronald Kessler  
Francis Anthony Keating  
Rudolph Wiliam Louis "Rudy" Giuliani  
Benjamin Jeremy "Ben" Stein  
Don Feder  
Michael Reagan  
Neal Boortz  
Larry "Wide Stance" Craig  
William Floyd "Bill" Weld  
Thomas Gerard "Tom" Tancredo  
Richard Blumenthal  
Gary Lee Bauer  
Ken Adelman  
George Walker Bush  
Sylvester Gardenzio "Sly" Stallone  
Kenneth Winston Starr  
Donald Louis Evans  
David Alan Stockman  
James Danforth "Dan" Quayle  
Judd Gregg  
Willard Mitt Romney  
Thomas Dale "Tom," "The Hammer" DeLay  
Thomas Leo Clancy  
Alan Gottlieb  
Andrew "Andy" Card  
Malcolm Stevenson "Steve" Forbes  
Gerald McRaney  
Christopher "Chris" Wallace  
Haley Reeves Barbour  
Patrick Jake "PJ" O'Rourke  
Elliott Abrams  
Thomas Allen "Tom" Coburn  
Wolf Isaac Blitzer  
Clarence Thomas  
Michael Medved  
John Mathias Engler  
Bob Barr  
Wayne LaPierre  
John Bolton  
Don Nickles  
Theodore Anthony "Ted" Nugent  
Joseph "Joe" McQuaid  
Young Timothy Hutchinson  
Norman Bertram "Norm" Coleman  
William "Bill" O'Reilly  
Joseph Linus "Joe" Barton  
John Andrew Boehner  
Roy Blunt  
David R. Ignatius  
Marvin Olasky  
Alan Lee Keyes  
Irve Lewis "Scooter" Libby  
Asa Hutchinson  
Karl Christian Rove  
Rush Hudson Limbaugh III  
Harvey Leroy "Lee" Atwater  
Bryan Fischer  
Charles Foster "Charlie" Bass  
John Cornyn III  
John P. Walters  
George Felix Allen  
Spencer Abraham  
Roger Stone  
William Franklin Graham  
John Vincent "Vin" Weber  
Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama   
David Limbaugh  
William "Bill" Kristol  
John Ellis "Jeb" Bush  
Frank Gaffney  
Douglas J. Feith  
Robert Anthony "Tony" Snow  
Grover Glenn Norquist  
Steven James Doocy  
Clint Bolick  
David Martin McIntosh  
Robert Kagan  
Michael Stephen Steele  
Mark Steyn  
Ralph Eugene Reed, Jr.  
Carl Cameron  
Toby Keith Covel  
Joyce Kaufman  
Ann Hart Coulter  
Sean Hannity  
Frank I. Luntz  
Dinesh D'Souza  
Charles Joseph "Joe" Scarborough  
Glenn Lee Beck  
Brian Kilmeade  
Laura Anne Ingraham  
Todd Andrew Schnitt  
James Taranto  
Max Boot  
Frederick Walter Kagan  
Kirk Thomas Cameron  
Robert James "Kid Rock" Ritchie  
Marco Antonio Rubio  
Britney Jean Spears