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The Chickenhawk Hall of Shame

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Roger Stone
Chickenhawk First Class with Distinguished Fleeing Cross
July 4, 1952
home state:
New York
missed opportunity:
Vietnam War
preferred activity:
Likely to be anything
Political hatchet-man
This guy's career has been nothing but a litany of bad behavior. By his own account, he's been screwing with elections since 1960, when he was in the first grade. We couldn't find the date of Roger's birth, so we've cut him some slack and arbitrarily credited him with being born on the Fourth of July. But we're not going to go so far as to assume that he fulfilled his military obligation, in the absence of any evidence to that effect. The photo, by the way, comes from a tabloid story relating how he got kicked off the Dole for President campaign after it was revealed he and his wife frequented swingers' clubs and participated in orgies.