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The Chickenhawk Hall of Shame

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Richard Blumenthal
Chickenhawk First Class with Distinguished Fleeing Cross
February 13, 1946
home state:
missed opportunity:
Vietnam War
Deferments and Champaign Reserves
preferred activity:
Hob-nobbing with the well-connected
State Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal is a classic. Born to privilege he strung together a series of undergraduate and graduate draft deferments. When those deferments ended in 1968 he was able to snag a rare occupational deferment — Katherine Graham, the Publisher of the Washington Post and the mother of a Harvard pal, just couldn't do without him. At the end of 1969 his luck nearly ran out — he drew a low draft lottery number. But somehow he got a slot in a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve unit. None of which would have been that big of a deal if Blumenthal had been able to resist the temptation to tell audiences he'd served a tour in Vietnam, while the truth was he'd been in Washington all that time. The New York Times has the skinny.