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The Chickenhawk Hall of Shame

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William "Bill" Kristol
Chickenhawk First Class with Distinguished Fleeing Cross
December 23, 1952
home state:
District of Columbia
missed opportunity:
Vietnam War
preferred activity:
Fomenting wars for others to fight
Editor, Vanity Press (The Weekly Standard)
Bill Kristol's old man, Irving -- who served as an infantryman in the 12th Armored Division during WW II -- once told Columbia University Professor Ira Katznelson that he had gotten his son William a slot at Harvard by talking to a friend there, then got him an internship at the the Nixon White House by talking to Pat Moynihan, then got him a job at the RNC by talking to his friends there, then got him teaching jobs at Penn and the Kennedy School by -- wait for it -- Yes! By talking to friends in both those places. Katznelson then asked Kristol what he thought of affirmative action. Kristol said he opposed it because "it subverts meritocracy." This wonderful story of paternal regard was told by Paul Campos, a University of Colorado law professor, in an op-ed piece that ran in the Rocky Mountain News on January 28, 2009. It begs the question, did Irving also sweet-talk William's draft board to get his war-mongering son the draft deferments that spared his life during the Vietnam War?