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The Chickenhawk Hall of Shame

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Sylvester Gardenzio "Sly" Stallone
Chickenhawk First Class with Distinguished Fleeing Cross
July 6, 1946
home state:
New York
missed opportunity:
Vietnam War
preferred activity:
Studying drama
Creating illusions
Sylvester made a ton of money playing a Vietnam vet in his Rambo movies, but never served himself. Instead, he attended college in Switzerland. This has led some to say he dodged the draft. The Spectator, in London, apparently did so. The Los Angeles Times reported on July 18, 1991 that the magazine and the author of an article on Stallone "agreed to pay 'substantial damages' to the actor for suggesting in print that he was a coward for 'ducking the Vietnam War.'" We would never be so foolish as to suggest he's a coward. He does fit the definition of a chickenhawk, though.