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Reading our paper online is fine and dandy, but pixels will never take the place of newsprint.

The typical profit-driven newspaper, though, is unwieldy and padded with useless drivel.

Our paper is a svelte, one-ounce packet of unfettered, non-fiction news.

It can easily be slipped into a pocket for subversive, ad hoc, person-to-person transmittal.

Its compact nature also allows us to affordably mail our paper by First Class Mail.*

To proceed, click on the yellow “Buy Now” button, below. You’ll be taken to PayPal.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, don’t fret. Simply click on “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”

To purchase a Gift Subscription: When you get to PayPal, un-click the little blue square that says, “Ship to my billing address,” and fill in the recipient’s name and mailing address.

One-Year Subscription: 26 fortnightly issues for $25

* NB—We regret that at present we can offer subscriptions only to those umpteen million addresses served by U.S. Postal Services Domestic Mail—including those addresses which are Treated as Domestic (see below)—as defined by the Mailing Standards of the United States Post Service in the Domestic Mail Manual, section 600, Basic Standards For All Mailing Services, subsection 608, Postal Information and Resources, paragraphs 2.1, Definition of “Domestic,” and 2.2, “Mail Treated as Domestic.”

Domestic mail is “mail transmitted within, among, and between the United States of America, its territories and possessions, Army Post Offices (APOs), Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO), and the United Nations, NY. For this standard, the term “territories and possessions” comprises the following: American Samoa (Manua Island, Swain’s Island, Tutuila Island); Guam; Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth of the, Rota Island, Saipan Island, Tinian Island; Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of; U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix Island, St. John Island, St. Thomas Island; Wake Atoll; Wake Island.”

Mail Treated as Domestic is “mail originating in the United States of America, its territories and possessions, APOs, FPOs, DPOs, and the United Nations, NY, for delivery in the Freely Associated States, and mail originating in the Freely Associated States for delivery within, among, and between the Freely Associated States and the United States of America, its territories and possessions, APOs, FPOs, DPOs, and the United Nations, NY, is treated as if it were domestic mail. Product offerings and pricing for mail originating in any of the Freely Associated States is subject to terms established in the Compact of Free Association between the US Government and each of the Governments of the Freely Associated States. For information on products and pricing of items originating in the Freely Associated States, customers should contact the applicable country’s postal operator. The term “Freely Associated States” comprises the following: Marshall Islands, Republic of the; Ebeye Island; Kwajalein Island; Majuro Island; Micronesia, Federated States of, Chuuk (Truk) Island, Kosrae Island, Pohnpei Island, Yap Island; Palau, Republic of, Koror Island.”