Ready For A Departure

253_071Friday, January 16, 2009—“Through last-minute rule changes and appointments, George W. Bush and his unindicted co-conspirators are doing their damnedest to extend the influence of the worst president in history as far into the future as they can.”

In the Fortnightly Rant which leads off our January 2 paper (Vol. CCLII, No. 7), we attempt to sketch the outlines of the Bush administration’s “domestic version of Operation Gladio,” the CIA’s series of clandestine paramilitary “stay-behind” organizations, “whose official purpose was to counter a possible Soviet invasion. Their membership often included former Nazis and other fascist sympathisers. They meddled in the internal politics of sovereign nations for decades before being exposed in 1990, and were involved in many cases of ‘false-flag’ terrorism and assassination.”

No survey of the evils of the Bush administration would be complete without reference to Dick “Dick” Cheney. That led us to a stroll down Memory Lane to recall The Original Dick, and his effort to screw the taxpayer out of nearly half a million bucks for a few boxes of paper.

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