The New Hampshire Gazette
 Volume 263, No. 7, December 21, 2018

Gazette Front PageDecember 21, 2018 — To download this issue of our paper, just click on the image at right.

“Life is short. Eat dessert first.”
— Jacques Torres

Whenever it’s possible to do so without risking dereliction of duty, we try to ignore Occupant, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—the world’s most expensive public housing unit. Too much of a bad thing can be, well, just too much.

This fortnight, though, we couldn’t resist catching up with Mr. Big Brain. Pass up a good laugh? In times like these? Thus we begin with a rant of a somewhat dessert-like nature.

We tried to tone down the levity with the Alleged News™, perhaps without much success. In our defense, when viewed from a perspective that is sufficient detached, U.S. tax policy is certainly laughable.

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