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The Worst and the Weirdest

Except for a few Amazonian tribes, all of us Earthians have by now been introduced to the MCU, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A movie franchise making that much money becomes culturally unavoidable. Those celluloid shenanigans may be safely ignored, of course. At least, so we presume. If only we cold say that about the RCU—the Republican Criminal Universe. True, the nation’s plunge into competitive weirdness does seem to roughly coincide with the release of Iron Man in 2008. We suspect, though, that other events that…

The PUC’s Heartless Order

By Donald M. Kreis, Consumer Advocate at the New Hampshire Office of the Consumer Advocate At the heart of last Friday’s astonishing, destructive, and radical order from the Public Utilities Commission is a gaping hole. But before leaping into that hole, let’s start with wisdom from media critic and New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen. Because, let’s face it, even though I hung up my reporter’s spurs 28 years ago when I graduated from…

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“Thanks again, as always, for making the now really bad news somewhat easier to tolerate. The truth, which is now seldom spoken, and never spoken by our nation’s “Liar in Chief,” just keeps getting worse and worse. I am thankful for our still (for now, anyway) free press and late night television comedians’ rants posted on Youtube about the state of our country.”

— E.S., Dover, N.H.

Admiral Fowle’s Piscataqua River Tidal Guide
(Not for Navigational Purposes)

Portsmouth, arguably the first town in this country not founded by religious extremists, is bounded on the north and east by the Piscataqua River, the second, third, or fourth fastest-flowing navigable river in the country…read more.