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A Long and Sordid Tradition

Our former—and perhaps our future—president, after being convicted of 34 felonies, submitted to an interview with his probation officer on Monday. Even Nixon was never made to do that. Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, “…there is no new thing under the sun.” Maybe the Bible is fallible after all. Who’s going to tell Samuel Alito, Mike Johnson, and the rest of the theocrat caucus? We can state with confidence that, in our 267 years, we have never before reported on a tossup presidential election in which one of the top candidates is an habitually bankrupt con artist bearing all the hallmarks of dementia, who has been seen on live TV leading an insurrection, and who, given his theft of Top Secret documents, might reasonably be suspected of having committed treason. So, yes, things are terrible. They could always be worse, though—as anyone who’s watched a person-in-the-street interview of late must realize. Imagine if a single juror had tipped the balance, and he’d been found innocent. Unanimous, on…

Courts Protect Right to Profit From Destruction

by Julia Conley A week after the European Union announced its withdrawal from the controversial Energy Charter Treaty, which has been criticized for being one of many global agreements that allow fossil fuel companies to sue governments, a coalition on June 6th released an analysis showing just how lucrative such deals have been for firms whose emissions are wreaking havoc on the planet. The Transnational Institute, the Trade Justice Movement (TJM), Power Shift, and the Institute for Policy Studies joined forces to unveil the Global ISDS Tracker, which includes data on more than 1,300 cases that have made their way to secretive tribunals set up by investor-state dispute mechanisms in treaties including the Energy Charter Treaty. ISDS courts allow fossil fuel companies and other large…

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Thurs, June 20

2022—Fox’s Larry Kudlow, referring to Joe Biden, asks ex-Veep Mike Pence if he’s “ever seen a president who refuses to accept blame, and…commits so many falsehoods?” Pence replies, “Never in…

Wed, June 19

2006—Publisher and Bush appointee Phillip Merrill is discovered shot and weighted down in Chesapeake Bay where the CIA’s Bill Colby and John Paisley ended up; all suicides, though. 1969—Tobar, Nev.—named…

Tues, June 18

2023—Philips Exeter alumnus Stockton Rush and four clients die when Titan is crushed near the Titanic. 2009—Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta steps over a man with a leg broken in a…

Mon, June 17

2020—“[T]he numbers are very minuscule compared to what it was,” says Dolt #45, “[Covid is] dying out.” 2017—Brass on the USS Fitzgerald get their nimble destroyer rammed by a container…

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“Thanks again, as always, for making the now really bad news somewhat easier to tolerate. The truth, which is now seldom spoken, and never spoken by our nation’s “Liar in Chief,” just keeps getting worse and worse. I am thankful for our still (for now, anyway) free press and late night television comedians’ rants posted on Youtube about the state of our country.”

— E.S., Dover, N.H.

Admiral Fowle’s Piscataqua River Tidal Guide
(Not for Navigational Purposes)

Portsmouth, arguably the first town in this country not founded by religious extremists, is bounded on the north and east by the Piscataqua River, the second, third, or fourth fastest-flowing navigable river in the country…read more.