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Notice: Subscription Fulfillment Has Been Temporarily Suspended — We are temporarily suspending the mailing of our newspaper to subscribers. We will resume just as soon as conditions allow. We are loathe to take this step. Considering the Omicron variant’s transmissibility, its ability to overcome even full vaccination, the average age depth of experience of our staff and volunteers, &c.—we believe this is necessary. The paper will continue to be available for physical pickup and here at – The Editor


Will the Truth Even Matter?

Just a few days into the January 6th hearings, one thing already seems clear: the Former Guy is guilty of everything we watched him do on live television. Under the circumstances it would be incomprehensible if he were to somehow evade justice yet again. On the other hand, this is the United States of America. What is our history if not the record of us repeatedly machine-gunning ourselves in the feet? Hell, never mind history. Consider this single aspect of the present: Liz Cheney has…

A Flag Day That Will Live In…We’re Not Quite Sure What

Scrolling through our Twitter feed on Tuesday, June 14th—our No. 1 choice of distractions while avoiding productive work—we encountered a tweet from @newtgingrich. “Did you know in 1949 National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress?” it asked. “Find out more at” Unable to resist, we clicked and were astonished. In the midst of a broad vista of low, forested hills, fringed off in the distance by blue ocean waters, rose a…

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“Thanks again, as always, for making the now really bad news somewhat easier to tolerate. The truth, which is now seldom spoken, and never spoken by our nation’s “Liar in Chief,” just keeps getting worse and worse. I am thankful for our still (for now, anyway) free press and late night television comedians’ rants posted on Youtube about the state of our country.”

— E.S., Dover, N.H.

Admiral Fowle’s Piscataqua River Tidal Guide
(Not for Navigational Purposes)

Portsmouth, arguably the first town in this country not founded by religious extremists, is bounded on the north and east by the Piscataqua River, the second, third, or fourth fastest-flowing navigable river in the country…read more.