Newspaper AdvertisingThe typical newspaper is a racket in which an overpaid publisher underpays a bunch of writers, graphic artists, and assorted other ne’er-do-wells to create a “product” designed to attract the eyeballs of an audience, which eyeballs the publisher then sells to advertisers.

The New Hampshire Gazette is a freelance insurgency in which a bunch of anarcho-syndicalists have taken over the means of production of an ancient national resource, and are using it to neutralize the effects of the dominant power structure’s most important tools of control, i.e., organs of corporate propaganda. As such, we’re not exactly natural allies of Exxon-Mobil, General Motors, or Proctor & Gamble.

There are, on the other hand, a whole slew of small businesses in our general vicinity which want to support our paper — despite being quite familiar with it. And we like having their ads in our paper. It means their owners are serious people who aren’t afraid to have their good names associated with ours. If anything could make us humble, that would be it.

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14 thoughts on “Advertising”

  1. After seeing Dick Bush’s message, I knew that it was time to subscribe. I mean, really, anything that leaves the conservatives barfing in such rage is worth the bucks.

  2. The wife says Hi back ! We got the new AZ license plates the other day, I almost bawled. The first 3 letters of the license plate are AEH. My daughter loves it here so much she decided that it meant “An Eternal Hell”. Please keep your paper going to keep people informed. Ignorance is not bliss. When I finally get to go home to New Hampshire, I want to be going home to people who still think for themselves, not to sheep waiting for someone to tell them what to think, when to think it and how to think it. I am a Yankee. I work hard for a living everyday and am proud of that. I deserve to be treated decently by my government. Amen.

  3. Wayne

    Well, it could be worse. You could be living in Phoenix, and have Joe Arpaio to worry about. Glad you like the paper. Say “Hi” to your wife for us.

    The Editor

  4. What a great newspaper.

    I live in Gila County Arizona where the motto is “Leave your civil and constitutional rights at the county line..human rights to follow”. The local Sheriff keeps getting re-elected, just barely, and brags about his ability to munipulate or ignore the law at his discretion. His deputies are constantly falsifying arrest records, illegal stops, searches and such and these repeat offenders often don’t even get a slap on the wrist.

    I never dreamed that places like this still exsisted. County government has run amuck. We are taxed to the limit. We even pay a tax that goes to Phoenix. State income tax also. Most of the industry here is based on copper mining which historicallyhas its ups and downs. We just landed in the basement and have the second highest unemployment in the country. Funny things is, when the economy tanks here, local and state governments continue to expand. The largest employer in this county and the state is the government.

    The culture here has basically given over its right of self determination and the county has a strangle hold on it.

    The other predominant cultural oddity here is the local people’s need to know everything about your life and family. If they don’t start a conversation by requesting your biography the begin to tell you about how they know everyone and everything about any particular individual.

    It almost cost me my marriage when I moved the wife down here after being promoted and transferred from the Pacific Northwest. My Wife is a flag waving girl from New Hamshire and damn proud of it. Thats the New Hampshire flag of course.

    Having come from New Hampshire, she is very intolerant of governments run amuck such as the one we currently reside. She still harbors the notion that where she comes from its rude to invade ones privacy.

    I can see why she loves your part of the country so much and also why she is so displeased with my decision to move us to ….well, this place.

    God Bless you all in New Hampshire.

    Long Live Self Determination.

  5. Dear Dick:

    Thanks for writing. We had been somewhat concerned that no one was reading us except people who agreed with us. You may protest that you don’t read the Gazette, but if you didn’t, why would it bother you so?

    In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of things we like around here: Memorial Bridge, the gundalow, the town in general. And we like to think we show it.
    As for our “limited time in the sun” with Obama—you simply would not believe how beneficial the Bush administration was for the Gazette. Having such a stark example of self-serving neo-conservative ineptitude to rail against made our work easier, and brought us thousands of intensely loyal readers. Times are going to be tougher for us under Obama. We’ll have to work harder, and we’ll probably aggravate some readers.

    By the way, while the neo-cons who cranked up the war in Iraq were hiding out in “liberal” college, your humble editor here was wearing an Army uniform in Vietnam, earning his honorable discharge.

    The Editor

  6. You guys really do suck… really……your Liberal rants are everything that’s wrong with this country! All you do is bitch and spead hate. Will you ever have anything good to share with Portsmouth area? Your hate for the “Right” is right up there with keith olbermann of msnbc and the huffington post. Your ratings must be the same as well. It’s to bad your really the oldest newspaper in the country as well the most the Liberal. Hopefully soon you will close and the internet will take over, and we all can delete you everyday. 99% of most Liberals can’t run a business anyway. So we all won’t be surprised when you do close. Your envy of the Right makes you weak. You liberals suffer from “No Confidence”. They must teach you dummies that in Liberal college. Get a friggin’ clue. You will have your limited time in the sun with Obama for awhile. But… won’t be long! It’s actually fun to watch you guys gush all over each other now a days. Obama though isn’t really doing what you Lib’s wanted? “Like the war”? Hello…..Why don’t you write about that!

  7. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Doug Marino. I am 13 years old and I am a proud supporter of Bud Martin’s campaign for the New Hampshire district 3 state senate. Bud Martin has been a New Hampshire judge for 30 years. Bud has always been committed to getting things done in a bi-partisan fashion. He has worked very hard to strengthen our state’s economy, create new jobs, and make health care more affordable. Throughout his political career, he has always been positive. He has never looked at a situation and said that something isn’t possible. I hope you will be able to attend a phone bank or a canvass for this great candidate. has information about Bud and is his campaign website.
    Throughout his political career Bud Martin has worked endlessly to create jobs here in New Hampshire. He understands the fact that rising health care costs have had a tremendous strain on middle class families. Bud is a man who is willing to put partisanship aside and address the crucial issues facing New Hampshire.
    Thank you and vote Bud Martin on April 21st
    Douglas L. Marino

  8. Steve L:

    Perhaps we should state it more bluntly: the space we have allotted for advertising is currently full. Would you like to be placed on our waiting list?

  9. Chris — You’re just the sort of advertiser we like to have. Welcome aboard. — The Ed.

  10. I’d love to advertise in The Gazette, rather than take out an Ad anywhere else. I respect your paper, as well as your readers. I’ve been a Portsmouth resident my whole life and am trying to build a business mainly through word of mouth around the area. If there is one place I would like to see my business’ name, it’s in The Gazette. Any info I could get about this matter, and contibuting to you guys, I would greatly appreciate. Thanks a lot! Chris A.

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