The Bush/Nazi Stories

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In the fall of 2003, The New Hampshire Gazette published a pair of stories about the long-rumored links between the Bush family and the Nazis. Due to their popularity, we have made them available here.

Click here for the original story, Bush/Nazi Link Confirmed.

Click here for the follow-up, Bush/Nazi Link Continued.

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  1. At this point in history you really need to distinguish whether you’re talking about German Nazis or American Nazis.

  2. How Our GOP Killed Conservatism in National Policy
    As a 1952 supporter of “Mr. Republican,” Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio, I do not know whether to laugh or to cry at the way our GOP has killed conservatism in national policy. We used to believe in the triad: fiscal integrity (pay for what you spend); respect for individual rights (keep Big Brother at bay); and realism (not ideology) in foreign affairs. All three are gone. Bill Buckley is rolling over in his grave. George Orwell is saying, “I tried to tell you.” And his 1984 Big Brother has never had it so good.
    We used to taunt Democrats as “tax and spend.” That ended when the Reagan administration introduced the beyond-liberal “borrow and spend” – i.e., low-tax/high-borrow fiscal socialism. The national debt more than quadrupled – rising from $995 billion (32.5% of GDP) at the end of Jimmy Carter’s last fiscal year to over $4.4 trillion (66.9% of GDP) at the end of the last fiscal year of Bush I. Bush I was so shocked at what was developing that he introduced a moderate tax increase. And we rewarded him by throwing him out of office. Clinton raised taxes a bit more; he, Gingrich and the tech bubble brought about four years of annual budget surplus at the end of the 1990’s. The national debt plateaued at $5.8 trillion (56.8% of GDP), and we began to talk about paying off the national debt.
    But Bush II introduced Round 2 of low-tax/high-borrow fiscal socialism, more than doubling the national debt to over $11.7 trillion (82% of GDP) in his eight years and ending up with a record annual budget deficit in excess of $1.2 trillion (over 10% of GDP) in his final 2008-09 fiscal year (not including deficit related to the stimulus program). Annual budget deficits came down during Obama (ranging from $483 to $657 billion in his last four years) but very little of the Bush II tax cuts was rescinded (only $75 billion of the $475 billion of annual deficit attributable to the Bush II tax cuts) and national debt continued to rise – to $20.2 trillion by the end of Obama’s last fiscal year. Enter Donald Trump – and Round 3 of low-tax/high-borrow fiscal socialism. The annual budget deficit for the recently concluded 2018-19 fiscal year is just shy of $1 trillion again; deficit for the 12 months of 2019 easily exceeded $1 trillion. During Trump’s first two fiscal years national debt has increased by more than $2.5 trillion to over $ 22.7 trillion (106% of GDP). And Trump is now talking about a further tax cut, in advance of the 2020 election. In short, our GOP has abandoned fiscal integrity, substituted low-tax/high-borrow fiscal socialism, and projected us in the fiscal direction of the ‘third world’ countries. “Borrow & Bankrupt” may be profitable in the private sector; in the public sector it leads to disaster.
    As for individual rights, our GOP has escorted Big Brother into the bedroom to dictate (A) with whom you may have sex, (B) how you may have sex, (C) whom you may marry, and (D) what to do if you become pregnant. Bye-bye to individual rights. Big Brother never had it so good.
    And realism in foreign affairs? How do you spell I-R-A-Q? We know from the memoirs of the Bush II administration that WMD is not why they wanted to invade Iraq – they simply used that phrase to engender popular support. And then proceeded to invade another country, destroy its social, economic and political structure, torture prisoners, let loose a civil war locally and regionally which murmurs to this day and, in short, make us the NAZIs of the 21st century. Both IKE and my pal Bob Taft would be appalled. Why did the Bush II crowd want to invade? Was it oil? Was it the 1996 neocon document “A Clean Break” authored in part by Richard Perle and Douglas Feith? And PNAC? And WHIG? Clearly not realism.
    And, as if forfeiture of fiscal integrity, individual rights and realism in foreign affairs were not bad enough, we are now called upon to forsake truth itself. Kellyanne introduces us to “alternative facts” – as George Orwell so eloquently warned us years ago after fighting the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War. The Big Lie is now accepted by our GOP leaders as they refuse to get up off their knees before Big Brother. (Conservative radio host Craig Silverman of KNUS in Denver was recently fired midshow for not staying down on his knees.)
    It is our GOP which has not only done this but is luxuriating in it. Taft would be ashamed. IKE would be ashamed. We should all be ashamed.

  3. Dear Editor,

    Recent events involving North Korea demonstrate the need for a strong defense. If we let the national debt get to the point where all revenue is consumed by interest payments and entitlements, we will be at the mercy of such nations as North Korea and Iran, (maybe eventually China.) We will also be more vulnerable to terrorists with WMD’s, as we would no longer have the deterrent of being able to trace such WMD’s to their country of origin. We must write to our elected officials about all this.

    We should urge them to stop deficit spending, and adopt budgets that will pay down the national debt and looming entitlement shortages. It would help if we sell rainforest owners the expertise for harvesting the rainforests much more profitably and sustainably (perhaps for a lease or share, at least for some term.) This is discussed at (For subsistence farmers, see, and the need for firewood can be reduced by Solar Cookers International.)

    Sincerely, Alex Sokolow

  4. Dear Mr. Buchanan: I have been investigating the Bush family for a long time, and any gold that is sold and in the news about it, I know it is all about Bush. Your articles are great and please do not give up about this. I am going to purchase your book. Oh, I am a History major in college – I see the Bush trend; Bush, Obama and Cheney are cousins. Cheney the war monger. Obama the Fascist, and Bush the Hitler sneak.

    thanks again for your telling of truth.

    Sandra Hemmes

  5. RE: Bush -Nazi story: too mad to speak, and madder that this country is more concerned about Clinton’s penis.
    PS : Bring back chickenhawks

  6. Radio Friend Steve Pike sent me William Marvel’s Rebuking the Reich column.

    Who is this William Marvel and why isn’t he published nationally? And if he is, why haven’t I seen it?

    I’d send Marvel’s column to a couple of right-wing friends but. besides being totally ignorant of German history, they wouldn’t understand some of the multisyllabic words.

    The humble Farmer

    a 28-year volunteer producer on Maine Public Radio who was kicked out for writing satire that said the same thing that Marvel says in this column…

    PS. I write stuff like this, which will air on my radio and tv programs next week:

    11. I have a friend who’s son was so upset over 9-11 that he immediately joined the army.

    You can imagine his surprise when he found himself fighting in Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia.


    12. An elderly woman told me that she was scared to death of Obama. She said that Obama is a Muslim who will quickly make friends with those responsible for killing our soldiers and destroying our economy.

    Sure enough, the same week I saw him on television with three republicans.

    The humble Farmer

  7. To The Editor:
    If Gov. Palin is sitting across from a hostile world leader, who would suffer more? Our nation as a whole or the family she is neglecting?
    Franz W. Eslinger

  8. This paper should not claim to have had anything to do with the founding of this country because it has obviously strayed from the ‘original intent’. The founders would have turned in their graves to see how far we’ve fallen with the curse of ‘progressivism’.

    And what of these Chickenhawks? Are you saying these people are child molestors? Because that is what chickenhawk means.

  9. Update – The vote is April 16, 2008 – join us in Concord. See it live, in action.

    We, are #1 in hits on Google and #1 on HR24 hits on Wikipedia was only loaded 36 hours ago and reached #1 on Google, in less than 24 hours.

    And your site is now, also near the top following in our footsteps. Thank you for your support to help get us there. Do you have print media in that area of NH who could pick up this story? If you send me your news email and others in the area, I will add you to our mailing list for the next two weeks.

    We are planning at least 5 or 6 more press releases between now and April 16th. Here is our latest press release, with just the facts:

    Nancy J. M. White
    12 Main Street
    Amherst, NH 03031
    603-801-5407 – cell

    Deborah Gibbons
    18 Old Milford Rd
    Brookline, NH 03033
    218-235-8018 – cell

    April 3, 2008

    Daniel Ellsberg to Headline Historic Impeachment Event in Concord

    Concord, NH – NH State Representative Betty Hall is hosting Dr. Daniel Ellsberg, Vietnam War critic, for a special event at the Capitol Center for the Arts Monday April 14 at 7pm. It was Ellsberg who released the Pentagon papers which helped end the Vietnam War. Ellsberg will be headlining a group of supporters for Betty Hall’s HR24, which, if passed in the NH House would ask the US House to begin an investigation to verify if there is sufficient cause to hold our government leaders responsible, as provided in Jefferson’s Manual, Section 603. Hall’s petition specifically cites President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. The historic vote will come to the NH House on Wednesday, April 16.

    If passed, it will represent the first time that a state legislature would have invoked the special privilege to ask the US House for investigations to begin with a President and Vice-President. It does not need to be passed through the NH Senate, nor obtain the signature of NH Governor Lynch.

    Hall has stated, “My failure to vote for the NH House Resolution for the Nixon Impeachment is the absolutely biggest regret of my legislative career. That is why I am so dedicated to doing this now.”

    Also present will be former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who served under President Lyndon B. Johnson; Dr. Robert Bowman, who was the director of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter; John Nichols, writer for The Nation magazine and author of “The Genius of Impeachment: The Founders’ Cure for Royalism”; Phil Burk, businessman and impeachment scholar who is versed in the rules of law outlined in Jefferson’s Manual. Other dignitaries are rescheduling commitments to attend the historic gathering, which is open to the public.

    Speakers are scheduled for a 4 pm press conference at the restored Victorian mansion, Kimball House, as well as a 5:30 pm reception with NH State Representatives who will be able to personally exchange opinions with the honored guests.

    The public is invited to contact the Capitol Center for the Arts for tickets (225-1111) for the Monday April 14, 7pm event; tickets go on sale Monday, April 7. Free on street parking and free parking at the Capital Commons Garage on Storrs Street, after 5:00.

  10. — HR24 GOES TO VOTE —-



    New Hampshire’s House Resolution 24, an effort to commence impeachment procedures in the US Congress is part of a history making effort originating from Thomas Jefferson’s Manual, Sec 603, and for the People’s Voice to be heard, in a call for action.

    The New Hampshire House of Representative’s “full” House Vote is scheduled tentatively in this week’s New Hampshire House Session. The exact date and time is yet to be determined, but it’s likely the vote will either be Wednesday, March 5th or March 12th. The House is in regular session on Wednesdays, but may add a day in the case of a full schedule.

    —- HR24 REPORTS —-

    HR 24, petitioning Congress to commence impeachment procedures.
    Rep. Pamela D Coughlin for the Majority of State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs: The majority of the committee believes that the world is in perilous and uncertain times and this House Resolution will encourage intolerance, violence and hatred around the world. Our President is the Commander in Chief. Our United States military has many troops along with many civilian contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan since the attacks on United States soil on September 11, 2001. This House Resolution will encourage terrorists to continue their attacks and hurt the morale of the United States’ military forces and civilian contractors throughout the world. It will also undermine our troop’s ability to pursue and accomplish their mission, which is the protection and security of the United States of America.
    Vote 10-5.

    Rep. Eleanor Glynn Kjellman for the Minority of State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs: This bill is a petition to the US House of Representatives to commence impeachment procedures. Under Section 603 of Jefferson’s Manual of Parliamentary Practice, a state legislature may bring this action. Many citizens and several representatives of the NH House of various political persuasions and parties, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and Democrats, appeared before the committee in favor of this resolution. It appears to be not only bi-partisan but also multi-partisan. This resolution does not impeach the president, but requests that the US House begin an investigation regarding the various grievances of the petitioners. It is not our prerogative in the NH House to argue the merits of the grievances, or to seek proof of their validity, indeed that is the purpose of the impeachment inquiry in the US House. Impeachment is a tool of accountability – part of the checks and balances process of our democracy – which is available to the citizens in our democracy. The people have a right to petition their representatives and we have a duty to respond and act – regardless of the timing, convenience, political expediency or other concerns which are secondary to the preservation of the democratic process. We believe the process of impeachment should be exercised to maintain accountability in the office of the Presidency.

    The NH House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee voted 10-5, 1 protest vote and 3 not present for ITL, or inexpedient to legislate, but continues to go forward, for the full House vote of New Hampshire’s Honorable Representatives.
    Join Rep. Hall –

    And to New Hampshire residents, be sure to sign your email with City and State, as in Brookline, NH.

    When HR 24 passes, it does not need the New Hampshire Senate’s vote in order to go on and it does not require the New Hampshire Governor’s signature in order to be brought to the US Congress.

    When HR24 passes the House, HR 24 will be enacted as a petition, transmitted to Congress as a directive from the State level to the U.S. Congress and finally without the gridlock of Washington DC politics,

    Commence Impeachment Hearings!

    Representative Betty Hall needs huge support from everywhere in order to succeed. We ask YOU to send your message to the legislators of New Hampshire telling them for the sake our country, vote in the affirmative for HR 24!

    Send your message to:

    And to New Hampshire residents, be sure to sign your email with City and State, as in Brookline, NH.

    The emails will be printed for every legislator to read the People’s concern and support of HR24.

    The number of emails is growing, approaching 1000 letters of support, as of Sunday.

    What is unique to New Hampshire, is that every bill introduced and sent to committee receives a vote in the full House. In New Hampshire there are 400 House legislators from a relatively small population. In order for HR24 to be brought to Washington DC, only House passage is needed to commence impeachment in the US Congress.

    In addition,
    The New Hampshire Bill of Rights, Sec. 10, retains the right of REVOLUTION
    enacted and never changed since 1784.
    There is no wonder the state’s motto
    “Live Free or Die”
    applies to the people’s trials and especially tugging at the hearts and minds of the People.

    Now we gather to be heard — a voice from the past . . . waiting for the Voice of the People be brought to Washington for the hearings to commence.

    Betty Hall
    603 672-8712

  11. m said “…most whites will vote against a man of color…” Iowa is almost white as far as I know.

    They should have prosecuted Hitler’s backers more so than his underlings. Prescott Bush, Allen and John Dulles and many others went on to continue their fascist attack on the U.S. just as Cheney, Rumsfeld and others went on to do terrible damage to this country throughout the Reagan and Bush I regimes that may now be terminal in the Bush II regime. There is a renewed effort to impeach Bush and Cheney but I think it is time to prosecute the whole lot of these traitors before or after they leave office.

    Here is a link to a copy of vesting order 248, the instrumental document taking away Prescott Bush’s business front for empowering Hitler. It should remove doubt about the nature of his involvement as it shows other partners names who were Nazi party members and I have also added annotation on what this money bought for Hitler. It was not plowshares and butter.

  12. If Obama becomes the pick for the Democrat president, it will be a sure thing for the Republican one , because most whites will vote against a man of color, and that is what the GOP wants. I believe they are pushing for Obama.

  13. I happened upon your website over a year ago, I especially liked your ChickenHawk listing page. I’m awaiting its return!

    I have to admit that I haven’t been back here to look around since about the same time I found your site (I have been busy being an OTR trucker since, was hard to find time online) but now I’m home with a local job I now have time to do more “Internet(‘s) searching.

    No Bush pun ^ intended….. 🙂

    Time to sign up for a subscription….

    David S, Loves Park, IL

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