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The New Hampshire Gazette
 Volume 263, No. 13, March 15, 2019

Gazette Front PageMarch 15, 2018 — To download this issue of our paper, just click on the image at right.

Wow! Didn’t see that coming. The Democratic Party’s sudden display of assertiveness is assessed in the Fortnightly Rant.

Michael Dater renders tender portraits of the newly feisty Democratic Party, the sentencing of the President’s former campaign manager, and two American icons trying to live up to the First Lady’s aspirational motto.

The New Hampshire State Legislature, aka the General Court, once again makes the national news. Why, yes, it is about guns. How did you guess?

The Flag Police provide the FTC with a little backup, in a story that will have readers asking, “What the puck?”

In our Hate Mail, Mash Notes, & Other Correspondence Department, a local aristocrat has some thoughts on improving the state of affairs.

Finally, Admiral Fowle’s Tidal Guide features approximately 140 historical items worthy of note, personally curated by our Editor Dementicus for extra piquance.

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