Listen To the Doctor. Do As He Says.

To the Editor,

The COVID-19 pandemic is just getting started and will be with us for another year or more. Getting people back to work and students returning to school is important but so is containing the virus. The two are not mutually exclusive.

If we maintain social distancing and practice other safety measures, we can and will lessen the severe impact of the virus, free up resources in acute care facilities, and save lives until we have effective medications and vaccines. This should not be a partisan decision, it is an altruistic decision. To show our humanity we must all wear masks when near other people, be adequately distanced from others, voluntarily quarantine when at risk of having the virus, wash our hands, and keep surfaces disinfected. Following the medical guidelines shows you care.

It is worth the inconvenience of the mask, distancing, hand washing, &c. now, to save the lives of our friends and family, protect healthcare workers, emergency workers, and all the others to allow societal recovery, physically, emotionally and economically and to have a future that we can be proud of.

Finally, this is an especially important election year regardless of who you are voting for. It is essential all of us vote safely this Fall. Not only will many of us be at risk when we vote but the volunteer poll workers will be at an even greater risk. Since poll workers are usually retired older people most will decline working this year making opening the polls even more difficult. This year more than ever mail in voting is essential. You can get your absentee ballot online here or here. Thank you and stay safe.

Wayne Goldner, M.D.

Bedford, N.H.

Dr. Wayne:

Thanks for writing.

The Editor

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