The Council For The Catalan Republic Is The Vaccine Against Spanish Repression

To the Editor:

Apart from the Covid virus, Catalonia has been suffering for many years by another aggressive and deadly virus that threatens the survival, dignity and development of our country, Catalonia, namely the repression of the Spanish State against the Catalan national minority by means of the government, the judiciary, the police forces, the media, &c.

To immunize ourselves against this virus we have created a political vaccine: the Council for the Republic of Catalonia, which has representation from all over the Catalan territory in the form of Local Councils. The objective is to fight the virus in the most effective way possible through non-violent struggle and by means of large-scale civil disobedience with the objective of separating ourselves economically and politically from the Spanish State.

The Council for the Republic is faithful to the result of the referendum of 1st of October 2017, where the ‘yes’ to independence won with 90 percent despite police repression. The Council for the Republic is the institution that aims to promote activities of a political, social, cultural, and economic nature aimed at the implementation and realization of an independent state in Catalonia in the form of a Republic. The Council has its official headquarters outside Spanish territory, in the House of the Republic, in Waterloo, Belgium. In this way it can avoid being infected by the clutches of the Spanish state.

Anyone from any country can become a member of the Council for the Republic (Consell per la República), you simply register to obtain the Republican Digital Identity ( The vaccine against repression has already reached 98,335 registered people. To be effective, it is necessary that the vaccination has a massive uptake thus achieving herd immunity, preserving the health of our country, and ultimately leading to the independence of Catalonia.

Núria Bou Torrent

Sant Cugat del Vallès



Congratulations on developing a novel way to build support for your cause outside the bounds of Catalonia.

The Editor


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