The Taliban Took Us By Surprise!

To the Editor:

Why didn’t anyone predict that Texas would fall to the Taliban so quickly?

The Taliban have launched draconian measures in Texas to keep women in their place and armed men in charge. They are paying rewards to informers to turn citizens in so they can be hauled before a judge.

They have issued edicts drastically restricting voting rights, particularly for minorities. And, as would be expected of the Taliban, they are justifying their actions on their claim to moral superiority based on their religious beliefs.

Will there be safe passage out of Texas for those loyal to the Constitution, who fought to uphold voting rights?

The United States must take in as many Texas refugees as possible.

Michael Frandzel

Portsmouth, N.H.


We’ve had Texas refugees on our mailing crew, and they’ve been terrific additions to our team. We encourage other New Hampshire enterprises to follow suit.

The Editor


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