Give Priority to the Majority

To the Editor:

In late October I went to a concert at Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine. To get in you had to show proof of vaccination. Masks were required full time. I felt very safe. The next night I went to a show at St. Anselm in Manchester. Vaccines were not required nor were masks in the concert hall. People acted like it was 2019. I won’t be back there no matter who is playing.

It is no wonder, in New England, New Hampshire has the most Covid deaths and infections by population and is last in vaccinations. The governor and the GOP controlled State House act as if the unvaccinated and unmasked are more important than the majority of us.

It reminds me of the days when employers and businesses gave preference to smokers and expected the rest of us to put up with the smoke or go elsewhere. It wasn’t until the non-smokers demanded change that the government and businesses stopped protecting smokers. I believe it is time the vaccinated tell businesses and government to give priority to the majority or lose our support.

Walter Hamilton

Portsmouth N.H.


We remember quite well attending a press conference at the Portsmouth Brewery which was held to announce a ban on smoking in the bar and restaurant. It was a first, for this town, anyway, and seemed like a bold and risky move.

Looking back, it now seems obvious, prudent, and visionary, all at once. Just try to imagine sitting at the bar with some stranger’s smoke wafting in your face. It’s unimaginable.

Let’s hope we live to see the day when exhaling viruses onto your neighbors is viewed the same way.

The Editor


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