The War On Fox’s Fake Christmas Tree

To the Editors:

What was the big kerfuffle over the “Christmas Tree” fire in front of the Fox building in New York all about? You would think, listening to Fox “News” personnel, that it was an apocalypse—a 36-hour, uninterrupted breaking-news event. But it was just a short, relatively small, confined blaze, set by a deranged arsonist, who perhaps had a dislike for a fake, wannabe-tree, erected instead of a real tree. After all, what burned was just a wire frame that had some greens and ornaments attached to it—not a real tree at all. If it had been a real tree, it would have been a real loss, but a fire on an ornamental structure—what’s all the noise about? A fake “tree” in front of the fake news cable channel—how very appropriate! Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year to all!

Paul Cully

Dover, N.H.


The only thing so-called conservatives love more than mocking “virtue-signalling” progressives is casting themselves as victims.

The Editor


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