America in Wonderland

Dear Sir:

Welcome to America in Wonderland, the sequel. Written by Donald Trump and a group of Republican Governors, Legislators, pundits et al., America in Wonderland takes us down that famous rabbit hole into a world where truths are lies, facts are fiction, evil is good, reality is distortion, illegal is legal, scientists are quacks, and losers are winners.

Where else but Wonderland would you see a director of a county public health department suspended for encouraging his staff to to get vaccinated against a disease that has killed over 800,000 Americans and sickened millions more? That is exactly what happened in Orange County Florida. As a former director of a local health department my primary mission was to prevent disease. I would have been rightfully terminated if I had taken action to discourage basic public health measures and to help spread disease.

Where else but in Wonderland would a violent insurrectionist mob attacking our nation’s Capitol in an attempt to overturn a fair and legal election be considered patriotic; or would people claim they were simply “asking for fair elections,” or that they were nothing but a group of tourists visiting their Capital? That is exactly what Republicans and their media allies have been claiming since January 6, 2021. Where else but in Wonderland would eight Republican Senators and 139 Republican Representatives vote to not certify the 2020 election, even after that attack put their lives at risk.

Where else but in Wonderland would respected scientists, physicians, public health officials recommendations of a life saving vaccine, and sound public health measures like face masks and social distancing be considered “crimes against humanity,” violations of “my personal freedoms,” and government overreach, while many are accepting treatment recommendations from non-scientists including a malaria drug, an animal anti-parasitic, and even drinking your own urine?

Where else but in Wonderland would the teaching of documented historical facts related to slavery, discrimination, segregation, and Jim Crow Laws by teachers in public schools be considered possible reasons for disciplinary action if a parent or student objects to such teachings?

Where else but in Wonderland would a twice-impeached former President who incited an insurrection against our nation, is facing multiple civil and criminal investigations, and is a proven serial liar who used his office for his own personal financial gain, still be considered the leader of the Republican Party and their leading 2024 presidential candidate?

Unfortunately, this new version of Alice in Wonderland is not fiction. It represents a real threat to the “American Experiment” in democratic rule that has infected a significant portion of our population with Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS), a condition characterized by disorientation and distortion of reality and perception. Hopefully America will recover from it’s bout with AIWS before it is too late.

Rich DiPentima

Portsmouth, N.H.


It is excruciating for us, as full-time text-wranglers, to witness the daily defilements this mob heaps upon our shared—yes, shared—language.

We cannot imagine what it’s like for a trained public health professional like yourself to see every principle of that profession denounced as heresy.

Don’t lose heart! We need your continuing analysis!

The Editor


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