Isn’t Sedition Against the Law?

To the Editor:

The original plot was supposed to be a bloodless coup committed through scurrilous parliamentary maneuvering—a scheme that would block the peaceful transition of power and throw the election outcome into the courts. Evidence uncovered by the January 6th Committee suggests the plan was conjured up by the GOP nearly a year ahead of time with the support of thinktank advisors, state officials, and private sector megadonors. It might have worked except at the last minute, Vice President Pence refused to overstep his authority and play along.

The insurrection that followed was a crude hail-Mary aimed at blocking the transfer of power through mob violence. All indicators suggest Donald Trump and his inner circle conceived and implemented the plan on short notice in reaction to Mike Pence’s refusal to participate. Fortunately for America, both the bloodless coup and the violent insurrection failed to reverse the results of the election.

Despite stonewalling by witnesses, there’s plenty of evidence coming from the January 6th Commission to show that highly placed GOP operatives, sitting members of Congress, and the defeated President conspired to commit wholesale election fraud to retain the Republican grip on power. Yet, a full year after the fact, there’s been no visible movement by the Biden justice department to indict anyone wearing a necktie at the state level or federal level.

Meanwhile, many of the original players involved in the first coup openly continue to work on strategies to undermine the 2022 midterm and 2024 Presidential election results. And why not? Nobody’s stopping them!

Rick Littlefield

Barrington, N.H.


It does seem that way, doesn’t it? If people of color got as many second, third, fourth, ad nauseam chances as your average Republican politico, the prisons would be empty.

The Editor


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