Wed, July 19

2020—“I’ll be right eventually,” says Dolt #45. “I’ll say it again. [Covid’s] going to disappear, and I’ll be right.”

2011—As her husband Rupert is being grilled before Parliament about phone-hacking, his wife Wendi deflects a flying pie aimed at his head.

2010—Terrified by a malignly-edited YouTube clip, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has USDA employee Shirley Sherrod pulled over by the side of the road and summarily fired.

2001—Lord Jeffrey Archer, Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party, is sentenced to four years for perjury.

1994—Dining with reporters, Sen. Howell Heflin (D-Ala.) reaches into his pocket for a hankie but somehow wipes his nose with a pair of panties.

1991—South Africa’s government admits it paid Zulus to undermine the African National Congress.

1985—N.H.’s Christa McAuliffe is chosen to be first “Teacher in Space.”

1979—Victorious Sandinistas triumphantly march into Managua.

1972—The AFL-CIO announces it won’t support George McGovern.

1966—In an internal memo, Bill Sullivan, Chief of Domestic Intel, admits the FBI’s “black bag” jobs are illegal.

1957—A two-kiloton nuclear warhead carried by an air-to-air missile explodes 18,000 feet above five Air Force “volunteers” at Yucca Flats.

1919—White Washingtonians enraged by racist headlines begin attacking Blacks in the nation’s capital.

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