Tues, July 25

2019—President Trump makes a phone call to Ukraine President Vladimir Zelenskey. It’s “perfect.”

2000—In a touching display of naiveté, George W.[MD] Bush announces that he has picked Dick “Dick” Cheney as running mate.

1990—Ambassador April Glaspie tells Saddam the U.S. won’t take sides in an Iraq-Kuwait border dispute.

1975—Chester Plummer, Jr., a Black ’Nam vet with a three-foot pipe in his hand, becomes the first person shot dead on the White House lawn.

1972—AP: The U.S. used Black men as guinea pigs for 40 years.

1965—Dylan’s choice of guitars shocks the Newport Folk Festival.

1952—Généreux Ruest, a disabled watchmaker who helped bomb an airliner, is wheeled to Quebec’s gallows and hanged in a chair. His hangman is inept; he strangles for 21 minutes.

1946—The first underwater A-Bomb hits Navy sailors at Bikini Atoll with far more radiation than expected.

1944—Erring Allied bombers kill 111 Americans—one a 3-star general—and wound 490 near St. Lo.

1853—The freshly-killed head of legendary bandit Joaquin Murietta is put in a jar of brandy for display—until it’s lost in the San Francisco Earthquake.

1826—“Nothing succeeds with me,” says Decembrist revolutionary Mikhail Bestuzhev-Ryumin after the hangman’s first rope breaks. “Even here I meet with disappointment.”

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