Mon, June 5

2013—News outlets reveal that the NSA, under a Top Secret court order, has been Hoovering™ up the phone records of millions of Americans. 2008—Despite Mayoral objections and a lack of public hearings, Blackwater opens a training facility in San Diego; a judge says Blackwater’s a person whose rights must not be violated. 2003—Two top editors at the New York Times resign in disgrace. Inexplicably, many more do not. 1989—One man stops a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square, for a while. 1976—In Idaho, the $100 million federal Teton Dam fails, killing 14 and causing $2 billion in damages. 1970—Nixon orders the bosses of the CIA, …

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Sun, June 4

2017—It’s the last “Last Call” at Portsmouth’s Press Room. 2006—A Ukrainian man enters the lion cage at the Kiev zoo, saying “God will save me, if he exists.” He does not. 2004—Marvin Heemeyer destroys the Granby, Colo. Town Hall, the mayor’s home, and 11 other buildings with his home-made armored bulldozer because “God has asked me to do this.” Then he shoots himself. 2003—Feds get tough on white collar crime, i.e., Martha Stewart. 1989—The Peoples Liberation Army kills thousands at Tiananmen Square. 1963—Allen Ginsberg visits Saigon to assess the political situation. 1962—A failing Thor rocket is blown up over the South Pacific; the first U.S. …

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Celebrating “the Sainted Elizabeth Gurley Flynn”

To the Editor: No surprise that the N.H. Republicans clutched their pearls and screamed like banshees on the honoring of a radical woman. This is not a new phenomenon on the part of Republicans. Recall when Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House in 1995, he had the mural by Diego Rivera removed, as it portrayed a movement of the common people. To their eternal discredit, when back in power, the Democrats did not restore it. The former Maine Governor had WPA murals reflecting similar sentiments painted over and this seems to be the case in other states as well. Cancel Culture has been a …

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History Repeats Itself

But sooth is seyd, go sithen many yeres, That “feeld hath eyen and the wode hath eres.” – Geoffrey Chaucer, “The Knight’s Tale” The old saying goes that fields have eyes and forests ears; no secrets could be kept for long in olden times: not murders, robberies, infidelities, what have you. All came to light eventually, justice finally for the guilty, balance restored. Would that it were so in Chaucer’s day or in our own. Where should I begin? Injustice is a fact of life. Ask George Floyd, Emmett Till, Joe Hill, Little Turtle, or Rebecca Nurse. The list is endless, and keeps growing. What …

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Volume 267, No. 19

June 2, 2023 — To download this issue of our paper, just click on the image at right.

This Is Your Government on Stupid

Our paper goes to press this fortnight only a few hours before the U.S. House is scheduled to take a momentous vote: whether to permit the Treasury to pay such debts as the legislature has incurred already, or to refuse and plunge the world’s economy into a chaotic maelstrom. Vote “Yes” and the world goes on about its business. Vote “No” and you unleash chaos. For most people, this would seem to be a straightforward proposition and a fairly easy choice. We are dealing with Congress, though, so it’s all a little more complicated. For one thing, chaos can be quite entertaining. It is when …

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