No Shortage of Fireworks

Scooter’s appeals process has barely begun, and people are talking about his boss, Big Time, in ways that would once have been unthinkable. Alberto’s in deep [expletive deleted], and people are talking about Turd Blossom. And remembering Jack Abramoff. The whole business about firing all those U.S. Attorneys just doesn’t smell right. The Republicans in the House can’t be sleeping well. And on a local level, the 2002 phone-jamming scandal finally begins to get some traction.

It’s great to be alive.

Even without this thing. It’s no secret that we’ve found it difficult to post on a regular basis, for a lot of reasons. Chief among them is the inevitable incompetence that comes with nepotistic hiring practices. But we seem to have stumbled on a system that’s so simple the alleged editor can use it.

We haven’t imported much content yet, and some critical features aren’t online yet, but this snappy posting process is so seductive, and events are so stimulating, that we may have to go live with this system anyway.

And a certain degree of fireworks as we attempt to establish a subscription sales function.

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