The Chickenhawk “Insult”

Wednesday, May 5–Harold Frayman asked yesterday in a comment, “where did the chickenhawks go?” We replied, “Our friends the chickenhawks are in limbo while the alleged editor tries to find the time to upload them all.”

The New RepublicThen this morning we stumbled across Jonathan Chait’s piece in The New Republic, titled “The Left’s New Machine: How the netroots became the most important mass movement in U.S. politics.

In that article, Chait wrote that “One of the netroots’ distinctive contributions to American political discourse is the extremely promiscuous use of the insult ‘chickenhawk.’”

The New Hampshire Gazette is the home of the original Chickenhawk Database. As such, it is arguably responsible for injecting the concept into the noosphere.

Coming as it does right after Harold’s inquiry, on the fourth anniversary of “Mission Accomplished,” in the context of the standoff between the White House and Congress over war funding versus withdrawal, we find Chait’s characterization of the term somewhat provocative.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the time right now to fully address this question; we are preoccupied with getting out next issue (May 4) ready for our date with the printer tomorrow. Assuming we survive that routine ordeal, we’ll have more to say.

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  1. I’m in Belfast, North part of Ireland, I’ve been reading your site for a few months now and am very inspired by it, as I write this I’m listening to Portsmouth Community Radio, Keep up the the good work , the World is watching your country very carefully at this time, even more than usual. I know there are millions of genuine good people there who believe in the real meaning of justice and freedom for the benifit of all communities throughout our troubled World. I wish I could say more but it would take all night. Best regards, Dusty

  2. I have given away my last deck of republican chickenhawks,

    So I need to buy some more decks. But the only link I can
    find redirect to an online pharmacy?

  3. This site is awesome. Great information. And although I have absolutely no idea if Glen Beck served I would be surprised as hell if he did. Another is that hack on FOX that tried and failed to question Gov. Ventura’s positions.

  4. Nice work, Carly. Thanks. We are, in fact, making some progress. As soon as we get the database up and running, we’ll throw Mr. Voight into the coop.

  5. Got another one! Got another one!

    Jon Voight. A celebrity opining in favor of the Iraq Forever-war, a pop-off about what it means to be an “American soldier.” No military service, but a Vietnam war supporter, ‘specially since he was born in 1938, making him nice and safe, too old to draft. He needs adding to that great database, and hurry, before that early dementia of his gets so far gone that we all droop on the vine and just feel sorry for him.

  6. Right now we’re trying to establish the exact (more or less) dates of 20th century draft eligibility. Nice to see people still care. Semper Fi and welcome home, brother.

  7. We are pleased to report that work is actually under way. A few more weeks, if things go well.

  8. It will be good to see the growing list of the combatofiles who evaded the draft and later did not join when their country needed them. The one that needs to be up dated is John Hagy – wants to bomb Al-Oxa mosque and bring on the Acpocolypse.

  9. As the Alleged Editor(s), we’ll let contributors speak for themselves. Given the facts you provide, though, it does seem like the guy has a problem with unwarranted self-esteem. Hard to believe he’s got the stones to pick fights with guys who served … literally? One would think he must spend a lot fo time in the hospital. His pugnacity and his “screw your way to a deferment” method remind us of our soon-but-not-soon-enough-to-depart Vice President — but “Dick”s” got Secret Service protection.

  10. What do your contributors think about a guy who was classified 1-A back in 67, and purposely impregnated his then girlfriend so he could elude the draft? As most of us know, marriages of convience seldom if ever work out. His didn’t either. Ironically, a few years ago, he was hauled into court for impregnating another girl and refusing to pay support payments. Now he’s pushing sixty and tries his best to pick fights with anyone who served. I guess he grew or thinks he grew a couple after Vietnam was over. Once a draft dodger, always a draft dodger. This piece of sh-t will go to his grave knowing deep down inside that when asked to serve his country, he chicken hawked out. I served as a helicoptor crewchief from 67 to 70. Being a sole surviving son, I could have side steped a hardship tour. But chose to serve where ever I was sent. I couldn’t run out on the guys I served with.

  11. Lieberman, according to his Own bio, was born in 1945, and there is no mention whatsoever of any kind of military or even Peace Corp service. You know what that means…buck buck buck!

  12. We want our ChickenHawks back!!!!
    We want a commander in chief with some real military experience!!! Harvard and Yale don’t count.
    This is 2008, not 2000. We need a real war president.
    In 2000 we were looking for a President who was a good husband and actually had 2 solid choices.
    The 3 AM call to the White House will come, and I don’t want the “bright” future of some fanatic setting of a little nuclear explosion.
    I don’t care if it is a ChickenHawk or ChickenDove. The White House is no place for poultry!!!!

  13. Right wing nut Ann Coulter is also a chicken-hawk. she COULD
    have fought that dastardly Saddam Hussein during Gulf War
    #1, brought to you by Halliburton, but she Chickened Out.

    The brave Coulter slandered World Trade Center widows
    instead of fighting Hussein’s army in the 100 degree heat
    of the desert. another Chicken Hawk Republican.

  14. I don’t see anything wrong with someone supporting a war although they never served. However, if there is another draft, the “chickenhawks” need to get the first line numbers since they are so enthusiastic about war, nationalism and theocracy. Goddamn, can you imagine Coulter, O Reilly, Hannity in uniform?? HA! Phony soldiers.

  15. Hello Admin,

    If you are not going to post the latest ChickenHawk Database any time soon would you please let us know?

    Here is a recap of your updates:

    21 August: Thanks for asking. We are quietly making some progress behind the scenes here, and hope to have a New, Improved Chickenhawk Database before too long.

    24 August: Brad — We are taking steps towards that goal. It’s a matter of weeks, not months.

    3 October: Bender — May we call you Bender? We’re Futurama fans. We hope to have it back before the month is out.

    9 October: Joseph — The Chickenhawk Database has made it nearly to the top of our “To Do” list.

    These sound like my kids when I ask them to mow the lawn!

    Manana! Manana! Siempre manana!

  16. let’s not forget our most prominent FEMALE chicken
    hawk: Ann Coulter. Yes, she could easily have
    volunteered for combat duty for Gulf War #1, but
    I’m sure that she, like Coward First Class Dick
    Cheney, had better things to do.

  17. Anxiously awaiting a new updated listof “ChickenHawks”
    because my copy has been sent so many times that it’s getting torn around the edges…Keep your finger in their face……!!!

  18. Don’t forget Shawn (you’re a great American) Hannity. He should be right up leading the chicken hawk brigade.

    Rev John Hagee’s baby boy would be another excellent recruit. So would Bill Kristol.

    I did my time as an officer in the US Army 1968-1970. Believe me, Bush did not “volunteer” for the National Guard. That was not an option open to the common man. If it had been, we all would have “volunteered” for the NG.

    NG meant “not going’ and everyone knew it.

  19. Bender — May we call you Bender? We’re Futurama fans. We hope to have it back before the month is out.

  20. admin — five weeks and counting. i’ve never seen it, but would like to already. thanks.

  21. Please bring back the chickenhawk database. It’s one of the most important resources I use, and wingnut conservatives just HATE it! 🙂

    Mark — Heh heh heh … you’ve uncovered the reason why we love it so much. Well, now it is back — and they can start hating it all over again!

  22. Thanks for asking. We are quietly making some progress behind the scenes here, and hope to have a New, Improved Chickenhawk Database before too long.

  23. I look forward to the return of the ChickenHawk Database. Here are images of some notable ChickenHawks:
    ChickenHawk Squad 1 – Ben Ferguson, Dan Senor and Ben Shapiro
    ChickenHawk Squad 2 – Matthew Continetti, Jonah Goldberg and Chris Vucovich
    Blog Diary

    Duke — Finally, we have done it. Now you yourself may have the honor of nominating the chickenhawks you’ve listed, right here.

  24. I have referred many readers to your chickenhawk database, and I anxiously look forward to its return. Maybe the chickenhawks take it as an insult. I say they’re getting off easy. The last year or so, right-wing bloggers have taken notice of the “chickenhawk” concept and they have howled in protest (while respectfully referring to us as “moonbats”). I salute you and the chickenhawk database. I can hardly wait for its return!

    SheaNC — It took a hell of a lot longer than we ever thought it would, but here it is, in all its radiant shame!

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