Another Fortnight, Another Paper

Friday, March 21, 2008 – We are proud to announce that we’ve once again defied the forces of entropy, and published another issue of this venerable newspaper. Even as we compose this post, one band of volunteers is preparing to mail copies – First Class! – to our hundreds of subscribers in nearly every state of the Union, while another group of stalwarts is fanning across town, placing thousands of copies in local business establishments, where they can be obtained for free by the ravenous reading public.

But what about you, cyber-person? Have we forgotten you? We have not. We have made available to you a free pdf file of our previous issue (Volume 252, No. 12, published Friday, March 7, 2008). Just slam your little mouse button on the image just above, or one of the four identical text links which we have scattered throughout this verbose paragraph.

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