Portsmouth Gets “Street View”

streetviewsFriday, May 8, 2009—From today’s paper, with minor edits:

“Google Maps added Street View to its coverage of Portsmouth a few weeks ago. The photos appear to date from last fall, judging from the ‘Going Out of Business Sale’ signs on the Klines Furniture building. We assigned our Wandering Photographer to take a virtual tour of the town and look for familiar faces. He found the bicyclist shown in the screenshot at right. In his yellow and black spandex, he looks an awful lot like Christ Svetanoff. In the lower photo, Dino Pappas may be sitting on the right hand bench in front of Caffé Kilim, but we couldn’t confirm it. Anyone making similar discoveries is invited to forward them to us here [editors (at) nhgazette.com]. If we get some good ones we’ll post them here.”

Meanwhile, we’ve uploaded a .pdf file of our April 10 paper and put a link and brief description on our Free Downloads of our 2009 Papers page.

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