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nhrebellionThursday, January 16, 2014 — What’s this? A post? Not just a download of the latest issue?

Dern right, Pilgrim. The New Hampshire Rebellion is underway. And it’s about time.

The NHRebellion is a group of people walking the length of the State of New Hampshire — right now, in January.

Their purpose is to make sure every candidate in the 2016 presidential primary answers clearly and specifically this one question: How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington?

Their effort has stimulated us to use this site as something more than a delivery device for our Digital Subscribers.

These are the best resources we have right now for news about the Rebellion’s progress: Lawrence Lessig’s blog, Twitter, and BlueHampshire. And there’s a Flickr page, too.

We had an item on the NHRebellion in the Alleged News section of the December 27, 2013 issue of our paper [warning: 4.6 MB .pdf file].

Meanwhile, Hedrick Smith is roaming the country, and this state, speaking about his latest book, whose title, Who Stole the American Dream?, asks the central question of our time. You don’t often see journalists at the top of the media food chain doing that. From what we hear, audiences are responding with great enthusiasm.

Giving credit where it’s due, Howard Altshiller had a very good piece in the Portsmouth Herald about Smith and the enthusiastic reception his book is getting. To our chagrin, it’s better that what we had in our January 10th issue [warning: 4.7 MB .pdf file].

So, since relevant things are actually happening, we’re going to try to use this medium, to the extent we can, to follow some of them. Don’t expect too much. We’ve got a newspaper to put out.

4 thoughts on “Somethin’s Happening Here”

  1. Funny you should ask, Jack.

    The evening news and the daily papers should indeed be covering this spontaneous, grassroots effort to shift the balance of power away from plutocracy, back towards democracy.

    Trouble is, both are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the plutocracy that maintains its power through the expensive, top-down campaign finance system as it is currently constituted.

    What are they going to report? “Opponents of the status quo are trying to destroy the system that subsidizes this broadcast and pays us handsomely”?

    Bill O’Reilly, by the way, is a trained seal, not a journalist. He’s the last person you’ll find reporting respectfully and with understanding on what the NHRebellion is about.

  2. You have all got to be congratulated for doing this ……………BUT…………….how com we don’t see anything in th e paper or on TV? This is something even Bill O’Reilley would talk about. But evening news should be carrying it.

  3. Do you really mean to suggest that the citizenry is solely responsible for the mess the country’s in, and the politicians are innocent bystanders?

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