Will the #NHRebellion be Televised?

Friday, January 31, 2014 — Being 257 years old and counting, we don’t really understand how Thunderclap works. And we’re not sure that paying a huge sum of money for the right to air an ad during the SuperBowl is the right way to go to fight the rot in our political system. That said, we’re all for the NHRbellion, because it’s trying.

Meanwhile, Larry Lessig has posted an after action report at the Atlantic. He notes that, “185 miles later, there’s the seed of an issue planted in New Hampshire, which with the right care, may finally allow this democracy to grow.”

Here’s an offer. If we get regular fortnightly reports on the follow-up to the NHRebellion, we’ll run them in our paper. And if people will help us distribute those papers, we’ll supply them, for free, to the extent that we are able.

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  1. To the NH Gazette:

    Thank you for posting this. The beauty of doing our Thunderclap.it commercial ad during the SuperBowl was that it was free. We also want to thank you for following our progress. As we move forward with our next steps now that the walk is complete we encourage you and all of your readers to sign our petition which can be found at: http://www.nhrebellion.org/petition You can also contact us directly by visiting:http://www.nhrebellion.org/contact.

    Thanks again,

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