1 thought on “The New Hampshire Gazette<BR /> Volume 264, No. 11, February 14, 2020”

  1. Regarding the Northcountry Chronicle piece by William Marvel of February 14, 2020, and to its author:

    Your description of the political machinations and apparent malfeasance of funds by Colin Van Ostern during and after his campaign to become secretary of state of New Hampshire does readers a great service.

    The toxic combination of ambition for power and political money is ubiquitous . We chiefly see it at its most ugly and evident in the national Republican party, such as the funneling of tens of millions of US Senate campaign dollars through Moscow Mitch McConnell’s hand,virtually prostituting moderate GOP senators –few and such as they are– to dance to Mitch and his ally Donnie Trump’s fact-challenged party line.

    Van Ostern’s maneuvering and money tactics remind us to be wary of the propensity of both major parties at even the local or state level to become more like money-lured lemmings than statesmen and stateswomen. This is a chief reason for which, while I have not voted for a republican in a statewide election since 1980, I have no desire to be a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party, Inc., with its bought and paid-for super delegates, which erode the one person one vote principle that underpins our nation’s ideals….we haven’t gotten there yet and won’t until the Citizens United decision is reversed.

    At the end of your piece, William, you state “As an unaffiliated voter, I had a choice This time I took a Republican ballot, for a change.” I can hope only that in light of your previous paragraph of nit-picking at all the major Democratic candidates, your vote kept in mind the much greater and more palpably dangerous defects and dysfunctions of our incumbent president.

    It is a shame that the candidacy of William Weld did generate more momentum before our primary. Your view on Mr. Weld and alternative paths for the allegedly “republican” party would be a topic this reader would welcome in a future column of yours.

    Mark Trafton
    Exeter, NH

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