Incompetence and Negligence at the Top

Dear Sir:

In a recent interview regarding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Governor Sununu said, “The State could be looking at 500 to 1,000 new daily cases by the end of the month.” He further stated, “I am assuming we’re beginning the phase of a very aggressive spike.” Dr. Benjamin Chan, the New Hampshire State Epidemiologist warned, “This is a virus that likes to take advantage of crowds, groups of people gathering in close contact and indoor spaces, and it’s these settings which are going to pose a challenge as we enter the colder months.”

Clearly, the Governor and Dr. Chan understand the coming tsunami of Covid-19 that will soon strike New Hampshire. One would think that with the knowledge of what is coming, and having had an ample warning, the Governor would take the necessary preventive measures now to limit the toll of disease and death coming our way. And since Dr. Chan has told us where the greatest risks are, one would think that the Governor would put in place public health measures now to protect the people of New Hampshire. Unfortunately, the old adage forewarned is forearmed is not being employed by our Governor. We are the only New England State without a mandatory mask order in place. Even as the science clearly demonstrates that mask orders prevent disease transmission and deaths, the Governor refuses to do what is in the best interest of New Hampshire.

It is one thing to suffer from a disaster when little or nothing could be done to prevent or lessen its consequences. However, when you have ample warning, and you have the knowledge of what can and should be done to prevent or lessen the consequences of a disaster, and still do not take these actions, that represents gross incompetence and negligence.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire will experience many preventable cases and deaths from Covid-19 over the coming months. Failure to take the necessary and responsible steps now will have lasting effects on our health, economy and our society.

Rich DiPentima, MPH

Portsmouth, N.H.



For a while it seemed impossible to turn on NHPR without hearing Governor Sununu the Lesser talking ad nauseam about what he’d allegedly been doing. Either he’s cut back on that, or we’ve been leaving the Philco turned off to avoid him.

As you point out, what he has not been doing is leading. That would require the courage to buck not only the lunatic clinging to the White House, but his death cult followers here in the Granite State.

The Editor

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