A Mash Note to the Flag Police

To the Editor:

After watching a several minutes long tribute to veterans on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, it occurred to me that yahoos who parade around in camo toting assault weapons are disrespecting military veterans who wear that garb and carry those weapons into combat. One wonders how many flag wavers think that’s all there is to patriotism, and how many who wear the flag are aware that they’re in violation of the Flag Code and thus disrespecting the flag. A tip of my civilian hat, and a curtsy, to the Flag Police for their unremitting vigilance. One wonders if the Flag Police t-shirts might one day be reissued (mine is wearing thin).

Stay safe and well all,

John Simon

Portsmouth, N.H.


You know what might cause those would-be warriors to burn their cammies? The ability to read the minds of veterans, gazing upon them in their macho man get-ups.

Speaking of stylish haberdashery, we would never say never about a re-issue, but currently there are no plans. Sgt. Krupke recommends wearing your current issue on special occasions only—January 20th, for example.

The Editor

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