Mon, Jan 18

2018—Alleged President Donnie Trump tells the Pentagon he wants a parade just like Emmanuel Macron’s.

1990—Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry is busted in a drug sting.

1983— Taking time out from dissing gays in the Dartmouth Review, Laura Ingraham pleads nolo to shoplifting.

1969—Peace talks begin in Paris between U.S. and Vietnam.

1968—At the White House, Eartha Kitt has the gall to speak her mind about the Vietnam War. Her career begins to recover a decade later.

1943—The Red Army breaks the 890-day Nazi siege of Leningrad.

1911—In San Francisco Bay, Eugene B. Ely becomes the first man to land a plane on a ship.

1909—The National Guard can suspend habeas corpus, says the high court.

1884—Five die and many are injured when a steam boiler explodes at the Wallace Brothers Shoe factory in Rochester, N.H. Its safety valve had been weighted down with bricks.

1863—Apache chief Mangas Colorado, having entered Fort McLane, N.M. under a flag of truce, is manacled, tortured, then shot. His skull is sent to a phrenologist.

1676—Accused of high treason during the Great Swamp Fight, Rhode Islander Joshua Tefft, the Algonquin-speaking widower of a Wampanoag woman, becomes the only Englishman ever drawn and quartered in North America.

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