Tossing N.H. Under the Bus?

To the Editor:

A civil engineer by training, Chris Sununu has apparently completed his survey of New Hampshire’s political landscape and concluded he needs the blessing of Trump’s big-lie machine in Washington more than the support of this state’s moderates to secure his political future.

Some still question if Chris will run for Senate, but his willingness to sign New Hampshire’s Free-State inspired budget and its draconian trailer suggests he will. After all, who in their right mind would approve such a travesty and then hang around to preside over the consequences?

Also, what better way to signal wealthy GOP donors in Washington that he’ll be a tight-fisted team player from north of the Mason-Dixon line? A good move because he’ll need those folks-from-away to write the big checks it takes to mount a well-financed Senatorial campaign.

Yup, just another (fill in the blank) Sununu.

Rick Littlefield

Barrington, N.H.


Thank you for your letter. It gives us an excuse to treat our readers with the great Lily Tomlin’s best line ever: “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough.”

His Hereditariness would have us believe that he is the kinder, gentler Sununu. Talk about setting a low bar. Granted, Sununu 2.0 does not share his father’s propensity for snarling in public. His fast-talking folksiness merely serves to disguise, though, a mean and cruel political agenda.

The Editor

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