From a Sad Reader

Hi Friends,

I am sad because I used to pick up my favorite fortnightly newspaper at our local health food store and that has just closed. I ask you, what good is a town without a health food store?

We have also, over the 41 years I have lived here, lost our downtown drug stores, hardware and stationary stores, our art supply store and many more that make a downtown worthwhile, at least to those of us who actually live here.

Fortunately, there are still a few places I go where I can pick up this newspaper, including our local book store and our long-time local bakery. If they leave town, I may also.

Diane Stradling

Portsmouth, N.H.


We have long missed Charley Beatty, dispensing screws, nails, and sagacity at Peavey’s Hardware…and Brian Light, dishing out insults, jokes in questionable taste, and obscure obsolete office supplies across the street at Hoyt’s….

Soon, alas, we’ll be missing Scott Nelson. We have always enjoyed his observations on the passing charade, during the sidewalk conferences we have shared.

And as for Tom and the gang at RiverRun, and Penny and her crew at Ceres, we’re with you—without them we’d be bereft. It can’t be emphasized enough—buy local, everybody!

The Editor

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