The GOP Plan for America

To the Editor:

Sit in on any high school debate class and you’ll quickly learn that using personal attack to undermine your opponent’s argument is catamount to admitting defeat. It’s considered the strategy of last resort and will cost you points every time.

Thank goodness such academic nonsense doesn’t apply to the adult world of political discourse. If it did, those of us who favor democracy over autocracy might never learn that our belief makes us godless blood-sucking baby molesters who hate America!

Absent a coherent party platform, the Republican vision for America’s future has two basic elements. First, they promise to reinstate a dangerously vindictive autocrat bent on punishing their  enemies while destroying the nation’s social order. Second, they promise to deregulate and hand day-to-day operation of the country over to the Wall Street Oligarchs who fund their campaigns.

Defending such an odious plan under the rules of forensic debate would be exceptionally difficult to do. Hence, the party’s reliance on distraction, threats, political theater, and a well-oiled right-wing propaganda mill to shield them from accountability. No high school debater would get away with these tactics, but the Republicans are—and it’s working!

Rick Littlefield

Barrington, N.H.


We pored over your letter quite closely, looking for inaccuracies, exaggerations, or misrepresentations. Finding none, we ran it exactly as you sent it.

The Editor


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