Tues, Oct 31

2016—Chris Sununu claims Democrats bus voters in from Mass. He’s lying, but D. Trump adopts the line.

1977—New CIA boss Stansfield Turner fires 200 spooks, all of whom meekly accept their fate and refrain from covert retaliation against Dems.

1973—Ex-Veep Spiro Agnew pays a $10,000 fine for not paying taxes on the bribes he took in office.

1963—“I can safely say,” says Gen. Paul D. Harkin, U.S. commander in South Vietnam, “that the end of the war is in sight”…but he’s in Tokyo.

1939—FDR moves the date of Thanksgiving ahead by one week to boost Christmas retail sales.

1938—Convicted murderer John Deering’s heart rate is monitored by an EKG as he’s executed by a Utah firing squad: 180 beats per minute.

1918—In a single week, Spanish Flu kills 21,000 Americans.

1893—The World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago closes; Daniel Fowle’s printing press, which had been on display, has not been seen since.

1891—Coal miners in Tennessee burn a stockade, freeing hundreds of prisoners brought in to take their jobs.

1885—A new Capitol guard in Statuary Hall fires his revolver at ghostly moans. He misses a prank-playing colleague, but leaves scars on the walls.

1765—The New Hampshire Gazette is printed “in mourning” for lost liberty, in protest of the Stamp Act, to take effect the following day.

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