Mon, Oct 30

2018—Murderer and FBI informant “Whitey” Bulger’s corpse is found in his cell, its tongue nearly severed. Prison officials profess surprise.

2017—President Trump’s ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort and his associate Rick Gates are arrested on a slew of charges by the FBI.

2016—Sen. Harry Reid [D-Nev.] accuses FBI Boss James Comey of sandbagging the Clinton campaign while covering up for the Trump campaign.

2012—For the first time since the Ice Age, public access to the sea at Sanders Poynt in Rye is cut off by would-be Senator Bill Binnie.

2005—Pastor Kyle Lake, 33, standing in water to perform a baptism before 800 people at a Waco, Texas Baptist church, reaches for a microphone and is electrocuted.

1995—Quebec nearly votes to secede.

1990—For the first time since the Ice Age, England and Europe are connected; this time by chunnel.

1967—Martin Luther King, Jr. is arrested in Birmingham, Ala.

1961—The Soviet Union air-drops a 58-megaton H-bomb: the largest explosion in human history.

1950—Puerto Rican Nationalists begin a rebellion against U.S. rule.

1948—Smog deaths in Donora, Pa. reach 20, and 6,000 are sick.

1938—CBS Radio broadcasts “War of the Worlds.” Irresponsible newspapers spin a few isolated overreactions into a mythical national panic.

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