For Potential Visitors from Sean Hannity’s Show

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 – We have been just alerted by disguntled reader Dave Rynne that we are about to be exposed on the Sean Hannity show.

So that any listeners to Hannity’s show who may visit this site may know what Dave’s complaining about, we have prepared the following clipping from our July 17 paper.


We’d like to thank Dave for letting us know about his intention to get on Hannity’s show, giving us a chance to provide this visual aid.

We’re behind in posting here. We’ll try to catch up soon.

Addendum: For the record, Sean Hannity was 21 years old when the U.S. invaded Grenada in 1983, but despite his chronic bellicosity Hannity played no part in that operation. As a member of the genus Chickenhawk, he fits nicely into the species propagandicus.

3 thoughts on “For Potential Visitors from Sean Hannity’s Show”

  1. Don, that’s hilarious….because I recently found out that in the previous administration, there were many left-wing liberals that had done just that with the Republican party in the hopes of ousting those PCP’s.

    They clearly failed because we still spent a trillion dollars on Iraq and beat the heck out of our constitution by authorizing the patriot act.

    I’m thinking about starting my own group….the Trojan Horse Trojan Horses (THTH). We’ll secretly imitate trojan horses who imitate Democrats and Republicans so we can get in and oust those trojan horses because they waste so much money and time by voting opposite of what they really believe.

  2. Don D. – Your enviable confidence in the ultimate success of your fiendish plot has completely unnerved us. Please be kind enough, when your hordes have extirpated all liberals from the government, to recall this abject surrender, and send us to a congenial re-education camp.

    PS – Your annual income is somewhere in the comfortable mid-hundreds of thousands per year, right? Because if it’s much lower than that, you’re licking the hand that beats you.

  3. Ever hear of a Trojan Horse Democrat? It is conservative Republicans [sic] who are switching over to vote in Democrat elections so as to oust the PCP’s (Professional Crooked Politicians) We are going to retake our government. I have recruited a number of persons with the logic of this and they are in turn recruiting all their friends.
    It’s goodby Obama, Pelosi, Shumer, Biden, McCain, Pryor, and all liberals who comprise only 14% of Americans.

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