We Get Caught Up

homer-figgMonday, July 27, 2009 — We’ve recently caught up with our posted papers. The pdf file for our June 19 paper is here, and the pdf file for our July 3 paper is here. The browser-readable version of our July 3 paper is here. We apologize for the poor service on this front. The failure was on the part of the editor. He’s a hard man to fire.

While we’re interrupting the serene stillness of this site, congratulations to our Moving Pictures reviewer, Rodman Philbrick. His The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg recently drew this praise from Anita Silvey, author of “100 Best Books for Children,’’ in the Boston Globe’sPick of the Week:”

“Philbrick takes his storytelling genius to the period of the Civil War in his latest book. Leaving his home in a small Maine town, Homer attempts to save his older brother, who has been illegally enlisted into the Union Army. While telling a swashbuckling and humorous tale of adventure, Philbrick weaves a good amount of history into a page-turning plot.’’

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