2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget”

  1. There is a great song by Pearl Jam called “Nothing Man,” with the line “And he who forgets … will be destined to remember.” It is not too late in the long run. In fact this should be a wakeup call. Republicans have been playing an aggressive, nasty game. It’s time for the Democrats to stop playing nice, get back in there and start handing it back in a language they can understand.

  2. Great video…but too late now. The voting has ended…results are trickling in…and while only half the races have been called (it’s 11:20pm here in the East), it’s clear that most voters HAVE forgotten what transpired from 2001-08, and, come to think of it, every time the GOP has held the White House and/or Congress for the past 100 years. But this profound a shift in sentiment after only two years — and especially after what the GOP did to this country — is a truly stunning display of ignorance, denial, and amnesia.

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