The New Hampshire Gazette
 Volume 264, No. 14; March 27, 2020

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March 27, 2020 — To download this issue of our paper, just click on the image at right.

This is a day we had hoped would never come: this issue will not appear on newsprint. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are publishing online only. We intend to return to newsprint as soon as that becomes possible. Newsprint subscribers will find further details in the Alleged News®.

Things are terrible right now, it can’t be denied. Our policy, however, is to always look on the bright side of life.

See you in a fortnight.

2 thoughts on “The New Hampshire Gazette<BR /> Volume 264, No. 14; March 27, 2020”

  1. Dear Alfred,

    Thank you for understanding. Obviously, we made this change most reluctantly. Already, we yearn for newsprint. It’s a comfort to see your encouraging response.

    As for donations, you will find a little yellow “Donate” button near the top of the right hand column of the home page, Thanks for asking!

    The Editor

  2. Received your letter and am in full agreement with your decision.

    This is a truly outstanding paper and you and staff should be rewarded for your continued efforts to keep it going.

    I will now look forward to reading it online.

    Where/how could I, and others make a donation?

    Regards, Alfred F. Lapp Hewlett NY. (Daughter lives in Lee and works out of UNH.)

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