Betsy Ross to Gov. Sununu

CONCORD—In her rocking chair, and sewing stars on the makings of new nation’s flag, Betsy Ross worked and greeting visitors on Flag Day outside the New Hampshire State House. “Betsy,” portrayed by Derry resident Corinne Dodge, spoke with tourists, chatted with legislators, and posed for pictures, but the person she came to see, Governor Sununu, never came down for a visit. She had intended to thank him for his comments about New Hampshire being the “gold standard” for state elections, and for not supporting those who are spreading misinformation to justify more restrictive voting laws.

“Good day Sir, how be ye this fine day?

“I have come on your Flag Day, to thank ye for wisely speaking out to give assurance to the People of New Hampshire. I hear tell that some in your State are spreading untruths about the integrity of New Hampshire elections. I thank ye for proudly standing up to tell the People of New Hampshire that their elections are fair and secure, and that New Hampshire is as ye yourself said, “the gold standard for fair elections.” How very right and wise ye are, but, I must give ye warning.

“Ye will soon be asked to give approval to voting bills that will be troublin’ to the good people of New Hampshire; bills which will require them to engage in all sorts of governmental red tape in order to vote. For many of your eligible-to-vote constituents, it will be a true inconvenience and for others a true burden to their ability to vote. I tell ye this day that the people will not be happy with these bills, ’specially after already they heard you say that New Hampshire is the gold standard for fair elections.

“Now mind ye, I do understand that there is much brabbling about with animosity in your time, people makin’ a big fuss and squabbling over trifles, but ye are the Gov’na! Ye must rise above all that and make New Hampshire government work for all the People. I beg of ye to remember your colonial ancestors who fought and died giving birth to Democracy. Now it is up to ye as Gov’na to protect the people’s Democratic Republic here in New Hampshire.

“I beseech ye Gov’na to protect the right of all New Hampshire citizens to vote without unnecessary obstacles. That is the New Hampshire Way! I thank ye for allowing me to speak my mind.”

[Note: Our thanks to Open Democracy for having sent us the above dispatch.–The Ed.]


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