Sat, June 19

2011—On the HBO show “Game of Thrones,” George W.[MD] Bush’s decapitated head appears on a pike.

2006—Publisher and Bush appointee Phillip Merrill is discovered shot and weighted down in Chesapeake Bay where the CIA’s Bill Colby and John Paisley ended up; all suicides, though.

1969—Tobar, Nev.—named for a sign pointing to a saloon—is dealt a death blow by an exploding railroad car full of bombs en route to Vietnam.

1965—Thousands of funlovers at the Weirs throw rocks at cops and burn overturned cars. The N.H. National Guard peppers them with birdshot as Laconia’s Riot Squad arrests 150.

1954—Warned by Sen. Styles Bridges (R-N.H.) that his son’s homosexuality would be exposed if he did not resign, Sen. Lester C. Hunt (D-Wyo.) shoots himself dead in his Senate office.

1953—Julius and Ethel Rosenberg become the first native-born Americans executed for espionage.

1893—Lizzie Borden gets off.

1879—Gen. Wm. T. Sherman, at the Michigan Military Academy, tells his audience, “There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell.”

1865—Slaves in Texas learn they’re free; now this date is “Juneteenth.”

1864—The Portsmouth-built ship Kearsarge sinks the Confederate raider Alabama off Cherbourg.

1656—Reputedly a wit, Boston’s Ann Hibbins is hanged as a witch.

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