Crazed Flying Kenyan Terrorizes Seniors, Pigeons

chopper_4401Portsmouth, Monday, August 10, 2009 — Barack Obama, the crazed Kenyan terrorist who was sworn in as President by the traitorous Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, terrorized senior citizens and two pigeons Saturday afternoon, in preparation for the Town Hall meeting on health care to be held at Portsmouth Public High School tomorrow.

Obama, a Muslim, personally flew Marine One over Keefe House, home to 58 members of The Greatest Generation™, to intimidate the occupants and dissuade them from appearing Tuesday. Either that, or he was searching for alternative routes of egress, in case his sinister plot to euthanize the Town Hall audience goes awry.

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  1. Dear Concerned:

    Sadly, this is true. The last time we checked the death rate in the U.S. was still one per customer.

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