Flotsam & Jetsam

“It is delightful to observe how, whenever communism is discussed, its adversaries’ fears instinctively lead them to this unavoidable piece of furniture! ‘Who will empty the chamber pot?’ This is always their first cry. ‘Who will empty my chamber pot?’ is what they really mean to say. But they are wise enough not to use the possessive pronoun, and generously direct all their fears to posterity.” – Louis Auguste Blanqui –=≈=– “A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” – Thomas Paine  

How Bezos Got Away With It

Cooper asks, “How did Bezos do it?” A more apt question would be, “How did he get away with it?” Bezos began by making special deals with book publishers, so he could undercut the prices of independent bookstores. He profited at the expense of the nation—financially and intellectually. Having successfully attacked one sector of the economy, he metastasized his business into others. As his business grew he crushed innumerable small businesses across the country. Taking advantage of Congress’s pro-business, anti-worker policies, he was able, in effect, to force states and municipalities to pay him subsidies as his workers relied on public assistance. Amazon workers in …

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Why Support Monopoly?

To the Editor: What does “the New Hampshire way” mean? Ingenuity, self-reliance, local control, frugality, community, loving the land. These values are under attack from House Bill 315, which could aptly be renamed “The Monopoly Protection Act.” Last year Governor Sununu signed the Community Power Law, allowing cities and towns to choose where their electricity comes from. Here was “the New Hampshire way.” Community Power promotes Yankee ingenuity: Nashua would create power from its multiple hydro-electric dams; Lebanon would turn landfill gas into energy. Communities deciding for themselves how to meet their electricity needs? That’s local control and self-reliance! As technologies advance, each town or …

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Dismayed by Vets Assaulting the Capitol

Dear Editor: Senator Patrick Leahy (Eight-term Democratic Senator from Vermont) recently wrote a column charging former President Trump with a dozen…well, transgressions, you might say. I’ll paraphrase for simplicity and space. (1) Donald Trump failed to uphold his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, (2) he emerged as the greatest threat to the Constitution and American democracy in a generation, (3) he sparked the flames of sedition and fanned them relentlessly, (4) he lied about the election in an effort to undermine Americans’ faith in our democracy, (5) he promoted division, disruption and violence, (6) he attempted to thwart our nation’s unbroken history …

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A Better State and a Better World

Dear Editor: One of the Super Bowl ads included this line of thought: “Ask a good question, get a good answer, get a better world.” The day after the Buccaneers won over Kansas City, and the winners got a $150,000 bonus per team member while the losers got half that, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro [D-Conn.] was interviewed on NPR. Her topic: money and child poverty. The upcoming pandemic relief bill coming out of President Biden’s White House—hopefully supported with Senate votes—includes money that Congresswoman DeLauro says, “could cut child poverty in half” in the U.S. She asks, “Why not cut child poverty [numbers affected] in half?” …

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A Counterfactual View From San Antone

Dear Mr. Fowle, For nearly three and one half years, President Trump created a series of pure economics successes while Democrats showed extremely weak performances. On Trump’s first day of work Democrats were so angry that they started to use various illegal methods in hope putting him out of office. Their most evil method was done by conveniently using the perfect timing of the new virus from China just before the Democratic 2020 election. Trump never planned to create a popularity contest (unlike most presidents of the past). Instead, he used unique methods to solve American problems for the purpose of making a better America …

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